What I work with


A professional equipment is essential, the technology is available so it should also be used. I work with a NIKON D850 using various high-resolution lenses for all photo projects. This camera delivers photos with a resolution of 46 megapixels as well as a video resolution of 4K on a full-frame sensor. Additionally I have a Panasonic GX8 for smaller video projects or as an extra camera.


Should the weather not want to cooperate, I have a small studio including a flash-set up from Richter, various backgrounds and props available. With this we once even set up a small pool for an indoor water shoot. More examples can be found in my portfolio.


For aerial photos and videos there is a Dji Inspire 2 with a 20 Megapixel camera and multiple lenses. I am also equipped in any case and can work a two-man-operation. For this the drone is flown via one remote control and the camera with another. Of course we have enough battery packs available, even for larger projects. Some additional information: Even on over 2500 meters above sea level, we can fly the drone when using additional special propellers. This is how a project for Porsche in Fall 2017 was executed on the Großglockner.