My passion. Since way back.

Back when a new neighbor moved in next door and my curiosity tempted me to give him a visit, it all began. An amazing photographer had moved in and brought photography and my 12 year old self together. After years of taking photos as a hobby and even constructing and building my own camera drone, I finally opened my own business in 2017. Since then I am continually working on improving and learning new skills. 
You want to be part of my story? Contact me and we will realize your project together.

From portraits to landscape photos.

Generally I take photos of everything, my main focus and passion are however portraits. I aim to take photos of people, that mirror their “true self”. When a portrait shows true and authentic feelings is when I and you as a customer will be happy. In contrast I also do drone photography, meanwhile I have however exchanged my own construction for a professional photo and video drone.